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My first visit to a gloryhole

On my first visit to a gloryhole I had many different emotions. I was nervous, anxious, excited and most of all horny. I have been to many adult book stores in my life. I have entered a few video peep shows but I was very surprised to see a glorious cock poking through the glory hole in the wall separating the two peep show booths.The fact that most girls (including me) never saw the face of the guy you just made cum, is so exciting and takes anonymous sex to a totally different level. I have had anonymus sex before, but this is unlike anything you will ever experience. I made three videos that evening and left all messy with an urge to visit a another gloryhole soon. Would you like to see my face after my night at the gloryhole


My first time at a glory hole.


This is a digital screen grab from the video "YummyMama's first trip to a Glory Hole"

The quality of all of my amateur videos and pictures is the best available. This is "video still" and is only one frame from a full length movie (each second of our movies contain 30 frames). All movies at YummyMama are shot in high definition with the highest quality digital video equipment available . It is very difficult to represent the true high quality of my movies in one frame and the actual movie this video grab was taken from is flawless.


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